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by Nancy Bleck, Katherine Dodds and Chief Bill Williams

This is the story of the Uts'am Witness Project, which happened over a span of ten years as thousands of people – artists, loggers, government officials, environmentalists, tourists, youth at risk, families and children – made the journey from Vancouver to Sims Creek in the Elaho Valley. These weekend journeys to threatened wilderness areas, hosted by Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Bill Williams, telasemkin-siyam, brought people into direct contact with nature; with Squamish stories, dance, games, art, and opportunities to hear from elders, scientists, conservationists, and artists from native and non-native traditions. 

Through the words and photos of those who ventured to "Wild Spirit Places", this beautiful book pays homage to the power that people with strong vision and a common purpose can have in honouring tradition, safeguarding land and changing policy.Partially sponsored by the Wilderness Committee, published by Figure 1 Publishing.

176 pages, 12.25" x 9", hard cover book with dust jacket, 160 photos. ISBN 978-0-9918588-0-4

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