Save a BC Species Gift Package: Killer Whale


Save a BC Species Gift Package: Killer Whale



1,900 species are currently threatened or endangered in British Columbia, including the western painted turtle, phantom orchid and red-legged frog. Species are in trouble primarily because of habitat loss and degradation. Instead of being protected by law, endangered species in BC have to fend for themselves.

To save these threatened species, we need strong, effective legislation both federally and in all provinces. When you purchase a Save a BC Species package, proceeds will go directly to help protect BC's species at risk.

Save a BC Species gift recipients will get an educational and fun package, including:

  • Personalized Species at Risk Certificate
  • High-quality wildlife plush critter (7")
  • Set of 6 wildlife greeting cards
  • Action newspaper and details on the campaign this gift will support

For more information about the Wilderness Committee's BC Species at Risk campaign, click here.

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