In Defence of Canada's Spotted Owl

This report was jointly prepared by Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now known as Ecojustice) and the Wilderness Committee. The report chronicles the plight of the endangered northern spotted owl in BC, the provincial government has avoided habitat protection for these rare birds and many other species at risk. In addition to identifying key threats and developments in efforts to recover this species, In Defence of Canada's Spotted Owl also includes recommendations about the next steps that are urgently needed to ensure proper habitat so these endangered owls have a chance at recovery.

Authored by Gwen Barlee (Wilderness Committee), Devon Page (Sierra Legal) and wildlife biologist Andrew Miller, MSc.

34 pages, black & white with images. Paperback. ISBN 1-895123-12-7


Authored by Wilderness Committee founder Paul George and three years in the making, Big Trees' 500 pages are illustrated with over 560 photos & cartoons. The accompanying DVD contains two hours of historical video footage, music and behind-the-scenes stories from 25 years of campaigning to save wild places with the Wilderness Committee. A magnum opus that illuminates the depth and breadth of the environmental movement in western Canada, the book is rich in the how-to and history of environmental activism. Now on sale for $14.95 from a regular price of $39.95.

ISBN number: 1-895123-03-8

Liquid Gold, By John Calvert

Secure, reliable and affordable electricity has been one of BC's most important competitive advantages and key contributor to the province's prosperity. Calvert shows how the government is supplanting BC's successful public system with a deregulated private sector model that will enrich private power developers and undermine BC's ability to control future energy development. 258 pages (6" x 9") Paperback

Picturing Transformation, Nexw-áyantsut

This is the story of the Uts'am Witness Project, which happened over a span of ten years as thousands of people – artists, loggers, government officials, environmentalists, tourists, youth at risk, families and children – made the journey from Vancouver to Sims Creek in the Elaho Valley. These weekend journeys to threatened wilderness areas, hosted by Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Bill Williams, telasemkin-siyam, brought people into direct contact with nature; with Squamish stories, dance, games, art, and opportunities to hear from elders, scientists, conservationists, and artists from native and non-native traditions.

Through the words and photos of those who ventured to "Wild Spirit Places", this beautiful book pays homage to the power that people with strong vision and a common purpose can have in honouring tradition, safeguarding land and changing policy.

Partially sponsored by the Wilderness Commitee, published by Figure 1 Publishing.

Hard cover book with dust jacket

176 pages, 160 photos, 12.25" x 9"

ISBN 978-0-9918588-0-4