Nemiah: The Unconquered Country, Terry Glavin

Over 130 years ago the Nemiah Valley Indian Band of BC's Chilcotin region resisted the invasion of Europeans. Now, once again, their land is being threatened – this time by logging companies and governments with corporate interests. Alongside exquisite photographs of the Valley, this book examines the rich history of Nemiah Valley from the Chilcotin War to present day.

Published in 1992. Featuring photographs by Gary Fiegehen, Rick Blacklaws & Vance Hanna.

8 X 9", 154 pages. ISBN 0-921586-22-1

Forest Follies by Ben Parfitt

Logging, milling and other industrial practices have depleted forest ecosystems across Canada. Written in 1998, Forest Follies examines how the industry has affected environmental conditions like salmon health, wildlife populations and water quality. Ben Parfitt argues that a more diverse and sustainable approach to resource extraction will result in a healthier ecosystem, as well as a stronger economy. 

6 X 9", 224 pages with black & white photographs. ISBN 1-55017-192-5

Shaped Cedars and Cedar Shaping, David Garrick

Discover the fascinating world of shaped cedars - trees alive and healthy today, bearing marks of generations of careful bark harvesting by traditional foresters working the rainforest "cedar gardens" of the remotely beautiful Hanson Island. Find out why it is so important to study, document, appreciate and protect these heritage trees and the living natural museuam within which they thrive. 8 1/2" x 11" soft colour cover, 380 pages, black and white inside. ISBN 1-895123-42-9. On sale!

Dollars and Sense, Simon Fraser University

The Economic Rationale to Protect Spotted Owl Habitat in BC. An important study by researchers at Simon Fraser University assessing the economic value of old-growth forests inhabited by the endangered spotted owl. 20 pages, four colour with photos and charts. (8 ½" x 11") Paperback

Marbled Murelets of the Caren Range, Paul Harris Jones

Written by Paul Harris Jones, this Wilderness Committee report explores the mysterious habits of the elusive marbled murrelet. A small seabird dependent on old-growth forests, the marbled murrelet is sensitive to logging of its old-growth habitat. Order this fascinating report to find out how Harris discovered the first marbled murrelet nest in Canada!

8 1/2" x 11" soft colour cover, 150 pages, black and white inside.
ISBN 1-895123-13-5. On sale!

Bear Smart Kids, Evelyn Kirkaldy

Bear Smart Kids Written and illustrated by Evelyn Kirkaldy. This book will make you smarter than the average bear! This is a wonderfully illustrated colouring and activity book about bears around the world, bear necessities, the life of a bear, crosswords and much more. A fantastic book for teachers, a joint publication produced by the Wilderness Committee, J.J. Whistler Bear Society and Valhalla Wilderness Society. 8 1/2" x 11" soft cover, 20 pages, black and white inside. ISBN 1-895123-17-8

Alternative Recovery Strategy - Northern Spotted Owl, Andy Miller, MSc

The Northern Spotted Owl has been designated "endangered" in Canada since 1986 by the "Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada" (COSEWIC). The owl is on BC's most endangered list, the "Red List" with a ranking of "S1", meaning it is critically imperiled. In the US, the owl has been listed as threatened since 1990. This report covers all the details regarding the status of the owl with biological factors, habitat requirements, threats to the owl and an intensive strategy to bring the owl back from being almost extinct.

Vanishing Heritage: The Loss of the Ancient Redcedar from Canada's Rainforest, J

Written by John Nelson. Published by Western Canada Wilderness Committee and David Suzuki Foundation

The western redcedar is a rare icon of British Columbia and so significantly it is the province's official tree. It is profoundly important to coastal aboriginal people and an essential component of the coastal temperate rainforest ecosystem. This report describes the cultural heritage of the western redcedar, the logging history and the effects these operations are having on the magnificent trees and the habitat that surrounds them.


For many years Tony Eberts wrote a weekly outdoors column for the Province newspaper. His spirited writings in defense of wild places helped attract many to the BC environment movement including the Wilderness Committee's Joe Foy. This is Tony's second book. "Back when BC's Adams Lake was mostly wilderness, my father took his family to a remote homestead there so he could take the starring role of pioneer, hunter, angler, trapper and builder in a backwoods drama.

CancerSmart 3.0 Consumer Guide, Labour Environmental Alliance Society

Produced by the Labour Environmental Alliance Society, this comprehensive guide helps you make informed decisions on which products to use and to avoid while you make healthy choices for your household and the environment.

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