ON SALE Published in 1990, this leather bound book is for everyone who loves the rainforests in BC. We can now offer it at a very special price, but be quick this is a limited edition. The book features beautiful reproductions of works by Robert Bateman, Sue Coleman, Toni Onley, Jack Shadbolt, Roy Vickers and many more.


Written by the Wind was produced in 1993 and recounts explorations of five of the author's favorite wilderness areas in southwestern BC. In these places simple struggles against the timeless rhythms of nature remind one of the balance that exists in the natural world. In these places a person is merely one creature among many and nature becomes something to be respected, not conquered. 8" x 9", 102 pages, 82 colour photos and 5 Black and White maps ISBN 1-55143-003-7 Published by Orca Book Publishers. On sale!

Illustration of a tree growing on a rocky shore.

This book describes the sights and sounds of the North Moresby Wilderness on Haida Gwaii. Enjoy Aleta Karstad's journal and watercolour illustrations. Let John Wood's hiking information prepare you for the actual hiking experience.

Printed on recycled paper. 32 pages, 9"x 6", black and white illustrations and text.
ISBN 1-894123-00-3. On sale!


An environmental information guide dictionary and action book for kids (and adults). What does ozone, landfill or watershed really mean? Good Planets are Hard to Find has the answer! This book was first produced in 1989 with 100,000 copies. Don't miss out on this easy to read environmental information guide. Printed on recycled paper. 32 pages 8" x 10 1/2" colour illustrations throughout. ISBN 0-919597-09-2.  On sale!


Join Rainbow wings on a magical journey! Learn about environmental problems of the earth and what some of the solutions are. Find out what you can do to help. Author and illustrator Della Burford's main focus has been working with children. Her award winning book Journey to Dodoland was presented in play form for over 15 years to over 100,00 children worldwide. This latest book was also a performance prior to its Earth Day release in 1990. 34 pages 81/2" x 11" hardcover beautiful colour illustrations.


Wade Davis, author of the Serpent and the Rainbow and Thom Henley author of Rediscovery, Ancient Pathways, New Directions team up to create a powerful book about the Penan. The Penan and their way of life will disappear if the logging of their rainforest homeland does not stop now. Penan – Voice for the Borneo Rainforest provides facts and fascinating insights into a world of unity with no separation from nature. The eloquent words of Dawat Lupung, a young Penan, are accompanied by Thom Henley's revealing photos.


Over the years Ken Madsen and his companions have drawn attention to the need for full preservation of the Tatsheshini-Alsek watersheds. Read the stories in this book and be drawn into the spell of the wild rivers in northern BC, Yukon and Alaska. 9" x 6", 160 pages, soft cover with over 160 photos Black and white throughout. 50% off.

Stikine by Gary Fiegehen

Stikine: The Great River is comprised of over 80 photographs of the beautiful Stikine River and surrounding area. The talents of photographer Gary Fiegehen capture the magnificence of the landscape, wildlife and people of one of the world’s greatest watersheds. Detailed descriptions of the photographs and what they represent are included. Featuring an introduction by Hugh Brody.

Published in 1991. 11.25 X 11.25", hardcover. ISBN 0-88894-736-4


Artists' Journeys to Save the Tsitika Valley and Robson Bight. This book was produced by the WC Victoria office in 1991 based on the activities in Camp Wolverine in the Tsitika Valley adjacent to Robson Bight. The scientists involved were trying to learn what they could from this area before it was too late. The fear of losing this rainforest was shared by a group of people who undertook an art expedition to the Tsitika Valley and Robson Bight. The resulting art was donated to a fundraising art show.

Book cover

Over 130 years ago Xeni Gwet'in of the Tsilhqot'in resisted the invasion of Europeans. In the 1990s their land was threatened again – this time by logging companies and governments with corporate interests. Alongside exquisite photographs of the Valley, this book examines the rich history of Nemiah Valley from the Chilcotin War to present day.

Published in 1992. Featuring photographs by Gary Fiegehen, Rick Blacklaws & Vance Hanna.

8 X 9", 154 pages. ISBN 0-921586-22-1